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Gippsland Lakes Region Eco Green

Gippsland Lakes Region, located in Victoria, Australia, has a wide range of businesses that contribute to Eco Green practices. These businesses have gone beyond the regular practice of just making profits but have taken the extra step to promote sustainable and eco-friendly practices.

In this article, we will focus on some of the businesses that are actively involved in Eco Green practices in Gippsland Lakes Region. These businesses are categorized and their benefits are listed and described. It is our hope that this article will inspire more businesses to adopt eco-friendly practices.

1. Accommodation Businesses:

Accommodation businesses such as The Gippsland Lakes Escapes, Lake House Accommodation, and Metung Village Holiday Apartments are committed to providing their guests with a comfortable, eco-friendly stay. These businesses incorporate various eco-friendly practices such as recycling, using energy-saving lighting, and reducing water usage. Their contribution reduces the carbon footprint in the region.

Benefits of Eco Green Accommodation:

- Reduces carbon footprint
- Saves money on energy and water bills
- Promotes eco-friendly practices
- Minimal negative impact on the environment

Contact Details:

- The Gippsland Lakes Escapes - Phone: 1800 620 455
- Lake House Accommodation - Phone: (03) 5156 5580
- Metung Village Holiday Apartments - Phone: 03 5156 2304

2. Fashion/ Clothing Businesses:

Businesses like The Little Sparrow in Paynesville and The Boardwalk in Lakes Entrance are committed to making a sustainable fashion industry. These businesses offer products that are manufactured using eco-friendly materials and processes. They promote the concept of slow fashion, which advocates for reducing waste through the recycling of materials. These businesses also encourage customers to donate their old garments instead of throwing them away.

Benefits of Eco Green Fashion:

- Reduces waste
- Promotes sustainability
- Encourages customers to invest in quality-driven fashion pieces
- Promotes awareness about the harmful effects of fast fashion on the environment

Contact Details:

- The Little Sparrow - Phone: 0431 024 604
- The Boardwalk - Phone: (03) 5155 4061

3. Sustainable Food Businesses

Farmers markets and locally owned restaurants such as Paynesville Essenza and Sardine Eatery and Bar are committed to providing food that is locally sourced and organically grown. These businesses acknowledge the importance of sustainably grown food in preserving the environment for future generations. They work with local communities to source ingredients that are in season

Benefits of Sustainable Food:

- Promotes sustainable farming practices
- Reduces carbon emissions due to transporting food over long distances
- Encourages healthy eating habits
- Supports local farmers

Contact Details:

- Paynesville Essenza - Phone: (03) 5156 6716
- Sardine Eatery and Bar - Phone: (03) 5155 6502

4. Eco-friendly Tourism

Journey Outdoors in Nature (JOIN) is committed to delivering nature-based activities through environmentally sustainable means. They promote eco-friendly activities like hiking, kayaking and camping which provide a sense of adventure while promoting sustainability. JOIN provides educational courses focused on environmental conservation to educate and promote sustainable tourism practices.

Benefits of Eco-friendly Tourism:

- Promotes sustainable tourism practices
- Provides tourists with an opportunity to explore and learn about the environment
- Reduces plastic and other forms of waste in tourist areas
- Encourages tourists to invest in sustainability practices

Contact Details:

- JOIN - Phone: 1300 455 294


the businesses listed above have shown their commitment to environmental sustainability through various initiatives in the Gippsland Lakes Region. Their efforts contribute to environmental conservation and support an eco-friendly region for future generations to enjoy. We encourage more businesses to adopt eco-friendly practices, to protect the planet and cultivate a sustainable future.

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